Evripides Zantides Associate Professor
Semiotics and Visual Communication Research Lab founder, Director







Omiros Panayides

+Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab, Director / Lecturer
Omiros Panayides studied Graphic and Advertising Design at Frederick Institute of Technology. He obtained his MA in Graphic Design at the University of Arts London at Camberwell College of Arts. In September 2009 he represented Cyprus in the Applied Arts category at the 14th Biennale of Young Artist From Europe and the Mediterranean in Skopje. He is part of the Cyprus Creative Club and co-founder of the creative team Draw Collective, which organizes lectures and workshops on the Cyprus design scene. His professional practice pivots around graphic design, typography and socially engaged design. He has been a lecturer at Technological University of Cyprus since September 2015. He is currently working on designing and publishing the experimental zine Owk.







Aspasia Papadima  Assistant Professor
Cyprus University of Technology



Theseas Mouzouropoulos Special Teaching Staff
Cyprus University of Technology



Angelos Panayides  Special Teaching Staff
Cyprus University of Technology








Paul Middleton

+Former Dean / School of The Arts at the University of Northampton
Précis Paul Middleton is Executive Dean and Dean of the School of The Arts at the University of Northampton. He carries overall corporate responsibility for Intellectual Capital and leads the University’s Arts provision which includes Art, Fashion, Design, Media, English, Journalism, Dance, Music, Acting and Drama. He has exhibited widely within the UK, Europe, North America and Australia and has been the recipient of the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Awards. He has carried out commissioned work for private collectors including the Justice of The Supreme Court, The Right Hon the Baroness Hale of Richmond. His achievements within the fields of Art and Design and the Higher Education sector have connected him with universities in the UK, Europe and Russia as external examiner, specialist advisor, and subject reviewer. His research interests include the exploration of visual language through practice and ephemeral short life design, with outputs which span conference papers, exhibitions and publications. He is an executive member of the Conference for Higher Education in Art and Design and has 20+ years experience of senior management roles in the Higher Education sector.







Jeff Leak 

+ M A F H E A / Development Manager / Art and Design-University of Wolverhampton

Jeff graduated in 1986 with a first class honours degree in multi-disciplinary design and won the UK final of the Letraset International design competition that same year. After further post-graduate study, he worked for a number of studios before moving into education, eventually running both an ND and HND in Graphic Design at Further Education level.
Jeff went on to set up his own consultancy, boing!, in 1994 with business partner Giles Woodward, working specifically for ‘arts’ clientele. Their work was featured over the years in Creative Review and in numerous design publications.
Jeff was Subject Leader, Graphic Communication at the University of Wolverhampton for thirteen years but now works across the school as International Development Manager. He continues to learn, explore, discover and practice; having in the last few years completed an MA in Interactive Media. He is currently studying for his PhD; an enquiry into digital projections/installations that predominantly focus on graphic messages and memes to develop an augmented space.



Arafat Al Naim, Associate Professor in Graphic Arts & Design
American University in the Emirates, Dubai







Christodoulou Anastasia

+ Associate Professor in Semiotics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Anastasia Christodoulou is associate professor in Semiotics in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Her books and papers and her research interests focus on issues pertaining to semiotic text and image analysis, mainly in the field of education (textbooks, visual literacy, educational laws) and in the broader social sphere (advertising, values education, attainable luxury, football-logotypes). She has published three books independently and two books in collaboration.



George Damaskinidis  

+ Teaching assistant, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and University of Western Macedonia

George Damaskinidis holds a Doctorate in Education (The Open University, UK), a Master’s degree in Education (The Open University, UK), an MA in Translation Studies (Birmingham, UK) and a BA (Hons) in Humanities with English Language (The Open University, UK). He is a teaching assistant at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and at the University of Western Macedonia, in Greece. He has co-designed and co-taught language, semiotics and visual literacy courses at a post-graduate and undergraduate level. He also teaches English Military Terminology at the Hellenic Army Command and General Staff College (SDIEP). He has lectured at universities in Greece and abroad around his research interests. He holds the professional Certificate of English Language Teaching for Adults (CELTA) from Cambridge University. He is the author of Joint Military English. A Specialized Course (Athens: Tourikis Publishing) and H Ereunitiki Protasi sti Metaptixiaki kai Didaktoriki Ereuna [The Research Proposal in Master and Doctoral Research] (Thessaloniki: Epikentro). He has published articles in the areas of visual literacy, translation, and semiotics, in peer-reviewed journals, thematic volumes and proceedings of international conferences.



Gregory Paschalidis Associate Professor
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


Ifigeneia Vamvakidou, Associate Professor
University of Western Macedonia, Greece



Lia Yoka 

+Assistant Professor / Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Lia Yoka is assistant professor of art history and theory at the School of Architecture, AUTh and coordinator of the “cultural theories” module at the Interuniversity Postgraduate Programme in Museology, AUTh and University of Western Macedonia. She studied history at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and art history at the Ludwig Maximilian Universitaet in Munich and at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. She has edited three volumes on museology and cultural studies (2009, 2010, and 2012) and has published, in Greek, English, German, French on the history of comics, the critique of technoscience and 19th century and early 20th century Greek and European painting. She translates, edits and writes for the Editions des Etrangers in Thessaloniki. Her Metaphors of Reproduction and a study of representations of reading women will be published in 2012 by Panopticon editions. E-mail:

some online notes and articles:

BioArt, μια χαμένη ευκαιρία της κριτικής
Το εξπρεσσιονιστικό θέατρο και “Το Βρακί” του Sternheim
διάφορες μεταφράσεις και κείμενα:
The Signification of the Intellectual in Early 20th Century Athens
The Importance of Sincerity – the  Artist (1910-12, 1914) and Gerasimos Vokos, the “Mediocre” Intellectual
RECYCLE and EXPLODE: A Playful Note on RB’s work/
The spectacle_of_biotechnology


Evangelos Kourdis Assistant Professor
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece




Annita Zapiti Post-Doc Researcher
University of Cyprus



Yianna Americanou





Yianna Americanou

+Filmmaker - digital storytelling and narratives, Lemesos, Cyprus

Yianna Americanou received her MA in Film and Television Production from the University of Bristol, UK in 2000 with a scholarship from the British High Commission and her BA (with High Honors) in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Experimental Filmmaking from the University of Iowa, USA in 1996. She is currently pursuing a PhD on Women’s Cinema in the Middle East at Birkbeck College, University of London with a scholarship from the Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies. Her academic career begun in 2004 with teaching at Intercollege (Nicosia and Limassol) Film Studies and Introduction to Electronic Media and Introduction to Digital Media. She is a Lecturer of the Applied Arts Department of the School of Architecture, Audio-Visual Communications teaching Film Aesthetics, Directing Commercials and Art Direction at Frederick University and a Visiting Lecturer on Film Production and Scriptwriting for Video Games at the Technological University of Cyprus teaching both the BA courses and MA courses since 2009.  Her short films have received International Awards from renowned film festivals such as Oberhausen IFF, Hamburg IFF, Drama IFF etc and she is currently working on her first feature film which has received funding for script development by the Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee. Her short film After – Death received Distribution from British Shorts and was short listed for the BAFTA Awards.  The Film was funded by the British Film Council and is currently in the British Film Institute Catalogue. She has worked on the factual programming of BBC Bristol and BBC Drama and as an editor while living in the UK. Upon her return to Cyprus, she structured the first MEDIA Office in Cyprus and coordinated the program for ten years. She is a Member of the European Directors Union, the Cyprus Directors Guild and European Women’s Audiovisual Network; she has acted as a member of the Cinema Classification Committee (Press and Information Office) and as a member of the Cinema Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

She is currently Head of the Committee of the Motion International Film Festival, Cyprus.  Her area of Research includes Creating Narratives with New Media, Digital Storytelling, Gender and Women filmmakers, Identity-Memory-Trauma, Narrative Techniques for Video Gaming.








Marina Hadjilouca

+Socially Engaged Designer, PhD Candidate

Marina is a theatre designer based in Cyprus. She holds a BA (Hons) in Theatre Design for Performance and a MA in Narrative Environments (Central Saint Martins). She is currently working on her PhD research at the Royal College of Art (‘Social Engagement and “Active Co-existence” in Contested Public Spaces, in the South Walled City of Nicosia, Cyprus’).

She is the co-director of Schedia and co-curator of the Socially Engaged Design Conference. As a set and costume designer Marina has collaborated with the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (THOC), Theatro Lexi, Theatro Dionysos, Open Arts, Marios Mettis Theatre Group, Persona Theatre Group, CYSO. She has also  collaborated with the following directors: Aliki Danezi-Knoutsen, Vasilis Myrianthopoulos, Marios Mettis, Athina Kasiou, George Mouaimis, Lea Maleni, Costas Gakis, Egli Spyridaki.

In 2015, Marina was awarded the Prize for Costume Design for the play ‘Romeo and Juliet for 2’ (THOC, 2013) at the Cyprus Theatre Awards.








Despina Hadjilouca


Despina has a multi-disciplinary background and coordinates design projects in Cyprus and the UK. She is currently based in London where she has co-founded the design collective Eclective. Since 2011 she co-curates Narrative in Practice, a symposium exploring the value of narrative in creative practices. In 2009 she co-founded Schedia, a design collective focusing on spreading the word of socially engaged design in Cyprus. Despina holds a BA (Hons) in Arts and Design and a MA in Narrative Environments from Central Saint Martins.




Sotiris Polyviou

+Graphic Designer / Lemesos, Cyprus

Sotiris Polyviou started his studies in Graphic Design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and he later transfected to the second year at the Cyprus University of Technology, achieving a Bachelor degree in Multimedia and Graphic Arts. He is a practising designer mainly interested in Typography and Branding and has participated, and continues to be involved, in various competitions and projects in his field. In 2012 he was part of the students representing Cyprus at the ADC*E Best of Design & Advertising Awards in Barcelona.



Tomys Siakos Graphic Communication Student








Sonia Andreou  

+PhD Candidate/ Lemesos, Cyprus

Sonia Andreou is a graduate of the Cyprus University of Technology in the field of Graphic and Multimedia Design. The topic of her B.A. dissertation was the relationship between the representations on Cyprus medieval coinage and the socio-political background affecting their production. She continued her studies at the University of Essex (U.K.), obtaining an M.A. in Art History and Theory. Her research topics included semiotic and visual analysis of photography, with the aid of philosophical and psychological theories. The title of Sonia’s M.A. thesis was ‘‘Abjection, Empathy and Spirituality in the Photographic Work of Joel-Peter Witkin’’.







Stephanie Stylianou

+PhD Candidate/ Lemesos, Cyprus

Stephanie Stylianou is a graduate of the Cyprus University of Technology in the field of Graphic and Multimedia Design. Her B.A. dissertation topic was the dominant figure of the wolf in children’s books and how that figure was debunking over the years.

She continued her studies at Cyprus University of Technology in the master program Interactive Multimedia and the title of her M.A. thesis was “Learning of mathematics with the support of a humanoid robot: Investigation of attitudes and the stress of children”.



Petros Papadopoulos Video, photography, drawing
and music during the creative process of animation




Thomas Photiadis Analysis and processing of data through eye-tracker, usability
and graphic design, Cyprus University of Technology



Ianthi Sparsis